The Results of Spring 2022 Undergraduate Dormitory Application

Dear Students:
Followings are the explanation of the waiting list.

  1. Check the allocation results: applicants get a waiting list number, please check the attached file. Starting from the winter vacation, if there is an empty bed available then you will receive the e-mail notice sequentially. Notification will be emailed to your ntu mail box.
  2. To check in your rooms, you must bring the original copies of your household registry. (including both parents’) Applicants and both parents should have their household registry registered outside of Taipei and New Taipei City for at least two years, or registered in the following 11 districts of New Taipei City for at least two years: Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan, Wanli, Ruifang, Gongliao, Shuangxi, Pingxi, Pinglin, Wulai, and Shiding.
  3. Students who take a leave of absence must be re-enrolled by the time they are assigned to a dormitory.
  4. The current waiting list will be active until April 15. 2022.
  5. Those who must terminate their residency of Prince-House must pay one month’s rent as liquidated damages.
  6. Those who wish to apply for Prince-House dormitories, please apply at Prince House’s website to join the midterm waiting list.

For further inquiries, please contact Prince-House at

Shui YuanPhone: 02-2363106620199

Chang HsingPhone: 02-2377019910129

  1. ​​​​​​​You may simultaneously join the waiting lists for on-campus dormitories and Prince house, but must choose one should you be accommodated to both at the same time.
  2. If you want to apply after the due day, you may contact with Student Housing Service Division, Ms. Anhua Feng, email, phone 02-3366-2266. We will put you on the last number of the waiting list.
Happy New Year
Student Housing Service Division


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